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AG-1 Documents

Sample Files

  • AG-1 Sample Data File
  • AG-1 Sample Config File
  • Manual

  • AG-1 User Manual
  • Updatable Firmware Files

  • Firmware V006 (2014-05-01) - Release Notes

  • To update the firmware on the device, use the following procedure:

  • Download the firmware file listed above
  • Format the microSD card and copy the firmware file on the microSD card at the top level
  • Plug the device into a powered USB cable (to ensure the device has sufficient power)
  • Place the microSD card into the device and turn on the device. At this point, the device will show a double flash showing that it recognizes new firmware is available on the microSD card
  • For "Yes", press and hold the button to update the firmware
  • For "No", tap the button and the device will ignore the firmware file